i made the move!

I Have a New Address

I’ve changed the location of this site, Blog About It, to http://blogaboutwriting.com. I wanted the same name but that address wasn’t available.

To make things easy, I’ve transferred almost everything here over to my new address. If there’s a post you were particularly fond of, find it at the new web address and mark it there.

Why the change? Well, I bought the new address. By using my own address with paid hosting, I have the freedom to add different features including business add-ons. I’ve already added AdSense from Google, with more to come.

Plans for the Site

There will be other changes as I go on. Probably, the next addition will be books. Hopefully, it will be added soon. Video will take a bit longer, as that will include a measure of bravery that I don’t have—yet. I’m looking forward to making it all come together.

A final note: Down the line, this site may be removed. So, be sure to bookmark the new address, http://blogaboutwriting.com. I hope to you stop by, and drop a line if you have a chance.

Update, 3/4/2009: I’ve removed all the posts from this site and migrated them over to the new site. Please visit me there.

I’m keeping this site to have access to the free version of WordPress. Never know when someone will have a question.